Links to the grading syllabus for each kyu are shown below, starting from 9th (red) and progressing upwards. Translations of the technique names used in each syllabus can be found on the vocabulary page of this website.

The relevant syllabus can be viewed by clicking on the appropriately coloured Tora no Mako ("Tiger Roll") symbol. Click on the symbol again within the syllabus itself to be returned to this index page.

9th Kyu

9th Kyu (Red belt)

8th Kyu

8th Kyu (Yellow belt)

7th Kyu

7th Kyu (Orange belt)

6th Kyu

6th Kyu (Green belt)

5th Kyu

5th Kyu (Blue belt)

4th Kyu

4th Kyu (Purple belt)

3rd Kyu

3rd Kyu (1st Brown belt)

2nd Kyu

2nd Kyu (2nd Brown belt)

1st Kyu

1st Kyu (Brown and White belt)


Shodan (1st Black belt)


Nidan (2nd Black belt)


Sandan (3rd Black belt)

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