Club History

John Anderson formed the Ippon Karate & Self-Defence Club in Aylburton, near the Forest of Dean in December 1988. However, the club was due to close after being in existence for 2 years, following the departure of Sensei Anderson to Scotland because of work commitments. Andrew Jones decided that he wished to continue his studies of the martial arts and made several phone calls to students for their support in the continuation of the Club. This was quite bluntly a case of either he became instructor and took over the teaching and running of the club, or the club (in England) would have folded. So in 1990 Sempai Jones started teaching at the dizzy heights of 4th kyu.

Sempai Jones ran the club solely at the Aylburton venue for some time, before opening a further two club venues in the Forest of Dean area, one in Cinderford and another in Coleford. Since the catchment area is rather small (and the number of martial arts clubs relatively high), historically, the club memberships have always been quite small. This does mean of course that the students receive better training and more attention is given to their individual needs. That said, the club did achieve 13th place in the UKASKO awards in 1998. In November of that year, and now a black belt, Sensei Jones achieved his Level II Coaching Certificate.

In January 2000, the club in England was reborn as the Fudoshin Karate Club.

Unfortunately, in May 2000 the Coleford branch of the club ceased, leaving 2 branches for the instructors to concentrate on.

UKASKO pushed hard for all martial arts coaching personnel to be qualified to a minimum of Level I Coach. Following their assessments, 3 Fudoshin Karate Club instructors qualified to Level I Coach; Chris Verry, Roddy Goodman and Barbara Hedges. Martin Boosey also returned to the Club with a black belt and a Level I Coaching certificate.

The Fudoshin Karate Club grew in strength and became a well-established karate club. This was shown when it achieved 11th place in the UKASKO awards for 2001.

Being keen to promote good practice and always looking to improve the Club, Sensei Jones decided to look at affiliate organisations other than UKASKO to see what they had to offer. In May 2002, it was agreed that the English Karate Organisation (EKO) was the organisation that the club would most benefit from affiliating with.

Despite the recent closure of the Gloucester branch due to a fall in numbers, the club continues to thrive, with the Aylburton branch currently being run by Sensei Chris Verry. The study continues.

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