Fudoshin refers to a state of mind that is impenetrable and immovable.

In Japanese philosophy, immovable refers to a state of mental readiness where one's mind is not affixed on any one thing and as such, is strong, attentive and receptive to all things. This provides a philosophical or mental dimension to Japanese martial arts which acts to contribute to the effectiveness of the advanced practitioner.

The intuitive trust and calm that comes from this state of mind can be used prior to and during an important meeting, interview, test, or any time a calm and heightened focus is required. One must slow and deepen the breathing, place the mind in the hara (centre oneself), and have trust in one's preparation or training. At first this may seem to be a bit scary and out of sorts, yet with consistent and disciplined practice, Fudoshin can become a natural, comfortable and productive state of mind.

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