Kata is a Japanese word (generally translated as "form") which describes a pre-arranged sequence of kicks, punches, sweeps, strikes and blocks performed against imaginary opponents whilst attempting to maintain perfect form.

The kata is not intended as a literal depiction of a mock fight, but as a display of transition and flow from one posture and movement to another, teaching the student proper form and position, and encouraging them to visualize different scenarios for the use of each motion and technique.

Without kata, karate would just be fighting. Physically the kata develops speed, balance, posture, technique and coordination. Mentally, the kata develops concentration, attention to detail, awareness and confidence. Spiritually, the kata develops internal energy and fighting spirit.

Students training with the club will be expected to learn the requisite katas as they progress through their grades.

Details of each kata, including a schematic illustrating the required techniques and a video showing the kata being performed (if available), can be viewed by clicking on the kata name in the following list.

Name Translation Grade
Taikyoku Shodan First Cause, First Level 9th Kyu
Taikyoku Nidan First Cause, Second Level 9th Kyu
Heian Shodan Peaceful Mind, First Level 8th Kyu
Heian Nidan Peaceful Mind, Second Level 7th Kyu
Taikyoku Sandan First Cause, Third Level 6th Kyu
Heian Sandan Peaceful Mind, Third Level 6th Kyu
Heian Yondan Peaceful Mind, Fourth Level 5th Kyu
Heian Godan Peaceful Mind, Fifth Level 4th Kyu
Tekki Shodan Iron Horse, First Level 3rd Kyu
Bassai Dai Extract from Fortress – Big 2nd Kyu
Wankan King's Crown 2nd Kyu
Bassai Sho Extract from Fortress – Small 1st Kyu
Kanku Dai To Look at the Sky – Big 1st Kyu
Kanku Sho To Look at the Sky – Small Sho Dan
Jiin Temple Grounds Sho Dan
Enpi Flying Swallow Sho Dan
Tekki Nidan Iron Horse, Second Level Ni Dan
Chinte Unusual Hands Ni Dan
Jion Debt of Gratitude to the Temple Ni Dan
Nijushiho Twenty Four Steps Ni Dan
Hangetsu Half Moon Ni Dan
Sochin Grand Suppression Ni Dan
Tekki Sandan Iron Horse, Third Level San Dan
Jutte Ten Hands San Dan
Meikyo Bright Mirror San Dan
Gankaku Fighting to the East San Dan
Gojushiho Dai 54 Steps – Big San Dan
Gojushiho Sho 54 Steps – Small San Dan
Unsu Cloud Hands San Dan

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